I made a Facebook page for our business and i had quite a bit of trouble in doing so. It is only until now that i have realised why this has happened. I understand that there are 3 ways of creating a business page…and yes i seemed to have created the page the ‘wrong’/ not advised way. I did not use my personal account to do this- i used my email address for the business. I created a page and then clicked the ‘create profile’…which i should not have done. The business page disapeared and i went into stress mode. I then added my personal account as an admin. From there there were now 2 ‘Monicas’ i deleted (by accident) the personal account i created when creating the business page. This was actually the best thing i had done. Once this happened i contacted Facebook (EVERY DAY!!!!!) to see if they could help me get the admin back (which they were no help at all!)…as it would not come up in searches etc..and thought i broke it.
The business page was not visable to anyone but me. I went into the settings and played with the ‘country’ settings….and now people can see the business profile! I then played with ALL settings and people can now comment etc.

My question is: Yes there are 3 ways you can create a ‘page’, are you able to tell which option i have choosen? I am pretty sure i have fixed my problem as people are able to ‘like’, comment on my wall and on the photos. While reading the tute it did say it limits access…and that is what i am checking on…Does this mean i have fixed the problem or i still have limited acess?

This was definitely a mess ordeal and i do not recommend option 1 for anyone!