Question: How do I respond to this comment this person received a written apology and refused a credit at our park they had seen old photos of our park on a web site that should not have had photos on it and the facilities were unavailable due to weather delays on our upgrades.


Review: Absolutely worst experience we have had in all our travels over this wonderful country of ours. After detailing our concerns to the park we were sent a letter detailing the following. Quote 1. “On arrival many people have not been happy about the lack of these facilities and have received a refund.” Quote 2. “The mouse situation is one we have never encountered before………Gecko poo……the situation was handled very badly.” Quote 3. “You are understandably very upset about this and again I apologies, for your experience and the rude and inappropriate response of one staff member.” Firstly we were not told of facilities being unavailable until after we had paid. We were then told to put a refund request in writing and the board would decide if we got one. Excuse me for not having much faith in a refund being forthcoming. Secondly I think the furry little creature we left in the trap would be proven by DNA testing to not be a gecko. And thirdly I think a “situation handled very badly” and “a rude and inappropriate response” would be better followed up than with an “I apologies.” NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I have never had any cause to complain anywhere we have stayed before. Show less