Good Afternoon UntanglemyWeb Team,

My question is with regards my guests leaving Reviews on Google and also is there an easier way for them to leave a review than with google? How do other business operators get on?

Email recently from one of my guests: “I am having trouble publishing the Google review. I click on the rating to give 5 highlighted stars but it will not save’ that rating nor when I type text in the field will it allow me to select the ‘publish’ button.”

These are the steps I’ve been giving my guests.

  1. Google to:
  2. Type “bunya vista accommodation dalby” into the search box
  3. You will see the listing for “Bunya Vista Accommodation Dalby” coming up on the left side of the page
  4. By looking at the listing, under the phone number you will see the number of reviews that have already been created by past customers
  5. Click on the reviews
  6. You will be taken to the reviews page:
  7. Click on “Write a review”
  8. Login with your Google Account (you might need to create one if you don’t have it already)
  9. Write your review
  10. Click on the “Save” button

Warm regards,