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Course  //  DotNetNuke CMS Training - AU $0.00

DNN training for clients of

Course Outline

DotNetNuke Training

1. Getting started with DotNetNuke

Learn how to work with the elements that make up a page on your website. By the end of these videos you will know how to add functionality to your website and move it to the desired location.

Logging into Your DotNetNuke Website

Learn how to login into your DotNetNuke website

Introduction to modules, panes and containers

This video introduces you to functionality of a page (modules), Moving of content on a page (panes) and designing your page (containers). How they apply to your website and how they relate to each other.

Working with containers

Learn how to apply design to your page with containers, why to use containers, how to turn off, add , view a container and what to consider when choosing a container.

Working with modules

This video teaches you how to add functionality to a page, how to add, move, copy and delete a module on a page

Working with panes

Learn how to move your content around a page with panes.

2. Adding and editing content

These video's walk you through the important features of the Text/HTML editor which is built into many modules on your website. By the end of these videos you will learn how to add and format most of the common types of content you will need to add. You will also learn how to roll back a change to the previous version should you make a mistake.

Introduction to the text/HTML Module

In this video you will learn to understand the difference between break tags vs. paragraph tags, spell Checking and cut and paste

Adding images and documents to your content

In this video you will learn how to insert, edit images and media and working with Documents

Adding hyperlinks to your content

In this video you will learn how to work with Hyperlinks

Formatting your content with classes and bullet points

In this video you will learn how to format text and working with lists

Using tables in your content

In this video you will learn how to create tables, image maps and stripping formatting

Adding Flash and MP3 files to your content

In this video you will learn how to insert Flash and MP3 Files and using the template manager

Using version control

This tutorial explains what version control is and how to use it.

3. Resizing Images

Infraview is a free but powerful image editing program that is very fast at resizing images for the web. Tip -Infraview can also batch resize images in a directory by hitting the b key.

Resizing images using Irfran view

This video teaches you how to resize images using Irfranview to make them ready for your website.

4. Working with modules

Learn how to use some of the common modules installed on your website.

Working with the News Articles module

This video shows you how to create and publish News Articles

Working with the banner slideshow module

Learn how to upload your images to the SlideShow module. Additionally learn how to change templates, add alternate text and more.

Working with the photo gallery Module

This video shows you how to add, upload and label your images. Also how to edit and how to give your gallery a title and description

Google Products

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. This video explains why we use it, how to activate it and more.

2. Google Apps

Setting up Outlook with Google Apps

Learn how to set up outlook