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Course  //  Online Marketing Essentials - AU $88.00

Module 1: Workshop Videos

1. Online Marketing Introduction

Three short 10 minute videos take you through the basic components of an effective online marketing strategy.

Part 1: Online Marketing intro and fundamentals

(10 mins)

Meet your presenters and learn the basic components of an effective online marketing strategy filmed at the Sunshine Coast (64 Meg)

Part 2: Key elements to Your Online Marketing Strategy

(10 mins)

The presenters continue to go through the steering wheel to successful online marketing and provide an overview of all the elements your web strategy requires.

Part 3: The Attract-Convert-Relate Model

(10 mins)

Learn how to attract visitors, convert them into customers and relate to them using email marketing, social media and reputation management

2. Attract - Learn how to attract visitors to your website

This series of seven, 13 minute videos introduces you to many of the essential strategies you will need to ATTRACT customers to your website. They include finding profitable keywords, on page and off page search engine optimisation, the free Google Keywords tool, using Google AdWords or Pay Per Click marketing and Google Places. Finally we cover selecting a user friendly, scalable and SEO friendly content management system.

Part 1: Introduction to search

(15 mins)

This video introduces how search engines work and explains key principles behind search engine optimisation.

Part 2: Getting the most from your keywords

(15 mins)

Understanding profitable keywords and the importance of writing effective meta titles and descriptions for each page of your website plus how to review your websites listings in Google.

Part 3: Finding profitable keywords

(15 mins)

Learn how the Google Keyword tool can benefit your business to find profitable keywords then how to use these keywords in your website. Also learn how to get started with a Google AdWords.

Part 4: On Page Optimisation

(15 mins)

Learn how to review your website using the SEO book toolbar and the importance of using styles.

Part 5: On Page Optimisation Continued

(15 mins)

Learn the importance of content placement, using images effectively and introductions to content management systems.

Part 6: CMS, Link Building and Google Places

(15 mins)

Learn what to look for in a Content Management Systems, why links are essential to search rankings and how to optimise your Google places business listing.

Part 7: Setting up Google Places Continued

(5 mins)

Learn how to set-up and optimise Google Places (formerly Google Local Business Center) to attract customers.

3. Convert - The art of turning visitors into customers

The CONVERT video explains why the majority of traffic that is landing on your website may not be converting into revenue and what you can do about it.

Turn lookers into bookers

(20 mins)

Your website layout, design and content will either be positively or negatively impacting your conversion rate, learn what you can do about it and how you can use Google Analytics to ensure you can turn these visitors into buyers.

4. Relate - social media, Trip Advisor, email and reputation management

Learn how businesses are using Facebook to RELATE to existing and new customers to generate new sales. Learn how to make sense of Twitter and what 'tweets' may lead to new customers for you. Finally you'll be taken through reputation management and using Trip Advisor effectively.

Social Media, Trip Advisor and Reputation Management

(25 mins)

Learn how businesses are using Facebook to generate new business. Learn how to make sense of Twitter and what 'tweets' may lead to new customers for you. Finally you'll be taken through reputation management and using Trip Advisor effectively.

5. Workshop attendee feedback

Listen to feedback and take-outs from the workshop participants.

Workshop Feedback

(15 mins)

Listen to feedback and learning's from workshop participants.

Module 2: Attracting visitors to your website

1: Understanding search engine results: Top ten search pathways

Did you realise how Google displays content on the search engine results page? Here is a topic that will show you exactly what content is listed where on Google so that you can clearly understand the search potential you could give your own web content.

Top ten search pathways

(10 mins)

Understand how Search Engines categorise content, identify the 10 search pathways and learn how to navigate the Google Search Engine Results Page.

2: Finding your golden nugget with keyword research

Keywords are the proof of your customers intention. Every single keyword represents an opportunity to attract business. In this topic we will dive into how to uncover your very own set of keywords so that you never miss an opportunity!

Sources of keyword data

(5 mins)

This short tutorial will present the 6 sources that will help you find your keywords that people will enter in search engines.

Source 1: Your customers

(5 mins)

Learn how to source your keywords from your customers. The most simple way to do it and the one most small businesses forget to assess first!

Source 2: Google Analytics

(5 mins)

Discover the keywords your visitors use in Google by reading your Google Analytics reports.

Source 3: Google Adwords keyword tool

(5 mins)

Learn how to use the AdWords Keyword Tool to find the keywords that will bring you leads.

Source 4: Google AdWords campaign

(5 mins)

Have you thought of running a Google AdWords campaign to research your keywords and immediately attract targeted traffic?

Source 5: Google insights for search

(5 mins)

Access insights into the search terms people have been entering into the Google search engine. To make things easier Google Insights provides a visual representation of regional interest on a map.

Source 6: Search engine results page

(10 mins)

Don't miss this tutorial that teaches you step by step how to read the Google search engine results page to hand pick the keywords with the biggest potential.

3: Google Places and Local search

Discover what steps you need to take to harness Google Places and get your business listing amongst the top results of the map on Google's search results.

Setting up and optimising Google Places

(10 mins)

Simple steps you can take right now to successfully setup your Google Places listing and optimise it to rank higher on Google! Bonus Resource: David Mihm's local search blog

4: Mastering Google AdWords and Paid search

The key to getting bookings from AdWords is knowing how to properly set up a campaign. The below tutorials will show you exactly how to do so and how to avoid costly mistakes.

What is paid search?

(5 mins)

Get back to basics. This tutorial explains the difference between paid search (e.g. AdWords) and organic search (Search engine optimisation).

Why consider AdWords for your business

(5 mins)

Think AdWords is not for you? Think again. Google generates 90% of its revenue from AdWords. This tutorial identifies 5 benefits of AdWords to your business.

Part 1: Signing up for your Google AdWords account

(10 mins)

Avoid beginners mistakes and learn how to properly set up your AdWords campaign. The tutorial covers signing up to AdWords and configuring your settings to launch your first campaign.

Part 2: Creating your first Ad

(5 mins)

Step two of setting up your AdWords campaign. Learn how to get the structure of your campaign in place with keywords and ads. Plus how to link to Google Analytics to assess if your campaign brings you a positive return on investment.

Part 3: Using the Adwords Interface

(5 mins)

Save time by going through this tutorial which shows you how to find your way around the different sections of AdWords and its important features.

Part 4: Structuring your AdWords account

(5 mins)

Delve into the 3 levels of your AdWords account: the account itself, your campaign and your AdGroups.

Part 5: Usage of keywords

(5 mins)

This tutorial is all about selecting the best keywords for your AdWords campaign. A must read.

Part 6: Writing killer ad texts

(5 mins)

Writing simple and effective text for your Ads. Do it right from day 1.

Part 7: Relevancy & Quality Score

(5 mins)

Relevancy and Quality Score - 2 crucial metrics you need to understand before launching your AdWords as they impact how your Ads are ranked and how much your account gets charged!

Part 8: Conversions and AdWords conversion tracking

(5 mins)

Your AdWords is now setup. How do you track how many people booked or bought your product? This tutorial shows you exactly how with AdWords conversion tracking.

5: Search engine optimisation

The nuts and bolts on how to optimise your website for search engines. Without SEO your website will resemble a shop in the middle of the desert. Get started right away!

Google’s search engine optimisation rules

(40 mins)

Google's SEO guidelines: a must read. Ensure your website is following the rules established by Google so it has the best chances to rank high on the search engine results list. Share this document with your web developer, they may not be aware of it!

Search engine optimisation 101

(10 mins)

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the best source of long-term free visitors to your website available today. Identify how to develop a site which search engines are compelled to send as many free visitors as they can and what to ask an SEO company to see if they are the right one for you.

Critical components of optimising your website

(25 mins)

Identify the critical components (Page Titles, descriptions, images, alt tags) that need to be addressed when building or maintaining your website. Compare best practise with your current website to see your search engine visibility.

Understanding inbound links to my site

(20 mins)

Inbound links to your site will help you appear at the top the search engine results. This tutorial will define how to use links, reinforce why you need them and gives a safe directory listing.

Sourcing inbound links

(5 mins)

Check you and your competitors current links, create a list of contacts to request a link from and define the best location for the link. This tutorial also includes the different link building techniques and sources of directories.

Travel and Tourism links

(5 mins)

Build your links using the list of related sites, directories and tips for where to find more travel links.

6: Video marketing

Video for your website

(30 mins)

In this tutorial you will identify why video is critical for modern websites, how to create short successful videos then upload them on video sharing sites (such as YouTube) and display them on your website.

7: Blogging


(35 mins)

Define what blogging is and why it is good for business. Including RSS feeds and Google Alerts, this tutorial will give you free blogging platforms, examples of Tourism blogs and tips on setting up and writing for your blog.

Module 3: Converting visitors into buyers

1: Quality content on your website

10 copywriting tips

(10 mins)

Writing copy for the web is different from writing print copy. These 10 tips will ensure your content not only attracts visitors to your website, but converts them into buyers.

Useful or useless content for your website

(10 mins)

Assess your content and ensure it is useful to both search engines and your users. This tutorial teaches you what content you require and how to link between your pages effectively.

7 things that should never appear on your website

(10 mins)

Avoid costly mistakes by learning upfront what content elements should not be used on your website as these techniques are neither search engine nor user friendly.

5 rules for the About Us page

(5 mins)

Create an About Us page that converts by following these 5 rules on content, photos, language, contact and testimonials.

2: Media - use of images and video

Images 101

(30 mins)

Solve the issue of resizing images and selecting which images to better promote your business.

A more advanced tutorial about using images online

(30 mins)

This tutorial will explain how search engines 'see' images and the importance that is placed on them, what copyright laws are applied to using other people's images and where to find free ones. View an example photo/video release form to gain permission from your guests and why you need permission.

3: Online booking systems - your options

Online booking systems 101

(35 mins)

THE must read tutorial about online booking systems. It will help you think about your business requirements and reviews the major booking systems available to tourism operators.

4: Email marketing

Newsletter marketing

(10 mins)

This tutorial will provide you with the 101 guidelines, tips and tricks to succeed in email marketing.

5: Google Analytics

The importance of landing pages

(5 mins)

This tutorial explains what landing pages are and their importance in order to convert a prospect into a buyer.

Website analytics – is it worth it?

(5 mins)

This tutorial highlights the benefits of web analytics. Read it if you are not convinced it could help your business.

Website analytics technologies and packages

(5 mins)

What technologies are available and which one would be most suited to a small business?

Using Google Analytics

(15 mins)

This tutorial will teach you how to install Google Analytics and how to set up and configure Goals.

Must have Google Analytics reports

(25 mins)

One of the most important tutorials on Learn what to assess the performance of your website using Google Analytics so you spend your time wisely.

Module 4: Relating to your customers using social media

1: Getting started with social media

Is your business ready for social media?

(15 mins)

Learn how to leverage social media for your business and who are the select few sites that won't waste your time.

2: TripAdvisor

Interview with Jim Brody from TripAdvisor

(30 mins)

Listen to our interview with Jim from TripAdvisor and learn how to optimise your listing, respond to review and grow your online presence.

Leveraging TripAdvisor

(10 mins)

This tutorial will take you through how to successfully use TripAdvisor for your business.

3: Facebook

Introduction to Facebook

(15 mins)

Marketing your business could very well be the most essential thing you can do to keep your doors open. Learn what Facebook actually is and the key benefits of not only becoming a member but creating a page for your business.

Facebook Profile & Page Layouts

(15 mins)

Become familiar with the key features of both Personal Profiles and Pages. Once you have completed this tutorial you should understand the key layout and functionality of the different areas of pages and profiles.

How to set up your Personal Profile

(15 mins)

Taking the leap to become a Facebook member is a step in the right direction and a very simple process. Learn how to set up your personal profile and understand the essential reasons behind Facebook's success.

Introduction to Facebook Pages

(15 mins)

Just like your personal profile, Pages give your business/brand an identity on Facebook. Learn what Facebook Pages are, who uses them, how they can be used and the important things to plan before setting up a Facebook Page.

How to set up your Facebook Page

(15 mins)

Learn how to set up your Facebook page the right way from the start! This tutorial takes you through the basics of setting up your Facebook page so you can start with a strong foundation before moving on to creating powerful content and gaining ‘likers’.

10 actions to get your first 25 Facebook Page ‘likers’

(20 mins)

Walk through 10 actions that can be immediately implemented to attract your first 25 fans. It also covers what to do when you start getting comments on your Wall and how to build upon the momentum you’ve got going!

The basics of marketing your Facebook Page

(45 mins)

It’s one thing to just put up a Facebook page – But if you want it to really take off, you’re going to have to spend some time and energy promoting your page. Facebook makes it easy to get the word out with a wide range of tools for promoting your page, learn what they are and how you can work with them.

Amplifying exposure with your news feed

(15 mins)

This tutorial teaches you the ins and outs of your news feed. Learn how to get stories to appear on your fan’s news feeds and how to spread messages rapidly and tactically.

Managing Facebook Administrators

(10 mins)

Running a Facebook page often involves having multiple administrators rather than just running it on your own. These administrators can be fans you know personally, leaders in the community, executives in your company or employees who specialize in customer relations. Learn how to add, remove, manage and get the most from your Page Administrators.

Facebook for business

(10 mins)

Create your own Facebook Fan Page. See how a real accommodation business is using Facebook, how visitors like the business, the different options of integrating Facebook into your website and most importantly, why Facebook will help your business!

Facebook myGuide

MyWebSchools first e-book of the MyGuide series: Not only does this guide have step by step set-up instruction for Facebook (including Facebook places), you will also have the 5 ways to get banned from Facebook, why the Facebook/Trip Advisor link is important to you and when you can sell on your Facebook page.

Facebook personal account setup and optimisation

This tutorial will teach you exactly how to create your Facebook personal account, take the all-important actions of adjusting your privacy settings and show you how to optimise your account. They are the first steps towards reducing risk and establishing trust on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook page for your business

A Facebook Page is different than your Facebook Personal Account. It contains accurate information about a real business. To help a business attract and grow a loyal following of “fans” on Facebook. Facebook used to call them Fan Pages but now they’re just called Pages. You can manage your Page from within your existing Facebook Personal Account (which you already have!).

SEO for your Facebook page

This tutorial shows you the requirements and actions that must be taken in order for you to make your business name findable and ranked highly in Facebook’s internal search engine as well as in the Google search results.

10 actions for your Facebook page

This tutorial walks you through 10 actions that can be immediately implemented to attract your first 25 fans. It also covers what to do when you start getting comments on your Wall and how to build upon the momentum you’ve got going!

Amplifying exposure with your news feed

This tutorial teaches you the ins and outs of your news feed.  Learn how to get stories to appear on your fan’s news feeds and how to spread messages rapidly and tactically.

4: Twitter

Twitter for business

(10 mins)

Understand what Twitter is, it's lingo and how to start Tweeting for your business with this step by step guide.