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You made it! We’re really glad you’ve joined the MyWebSchool community. Take a moment to find out how to get the most from; where you will find the most up to date and actionable online marketing training and answers for tourism and small businesses. You’ll also become part of a growing community of small business operators, all eager to learn and share their knowledge in the forums.
We all know that we don’t actually build sustainable, profitable online marketing strategies over a long weekend. Building a solid online marketing strategy can be far more effective and efficient than traditional marketing, but it’s still work. It takes time, and more important, it takes careful thought about your customers, your business model, your value proposition, and more.

That’s why we’ve organised the new MyWebSchool into a practical, real-world sequence.

We’ve broken the Online Marketing Essentials course down into 4 very manageable chunks. Based on what we’ve seen students accomplish in the past, if you work through the steps in order, you can expect to get know what is required to build a profitable online marketing strategy in about 2-3 months.

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