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As promised you now have access to our very handy blogging resources and some key details on great Australian based copywriters who can help solve your content creation issue.


The Australian Copywriters

Let’s get started with the fun stuff.

We recommend Article Writers Australia for all of our contacts, they provide great quality content within a speedy time frame and exceeding most expectations.

It’s a simple process, you provide them with an overview of what you would like the content to be about, a few bullet points if you have some specifics and any links that you also think are relevant. They will take your notes, go away and write the content. Once they send it back to you, you can review it, if you have changes you can let them know and they will edit it for you. Nice and simple.

Content averages between $25 – $37 for 350 – 650 words on your chosen topic and can be purchased in packs of 10 for a cheaper rate.

Get in contact with Article Writers Australia

Phone: (02) 9634 3161


Blogging Checklist

To get you with blogging we are providing a little checklist for you to use along the way to ensure that you are including the key things that work together to make a successful blog. These items do not all need to be included in the one blog post but should be incorporated into a range of posts and achieved over time. Don’t forget, blogging is all about interactivity and creating a community, if you aren’t including the items from the Reader Engagement and Interactive Media sections you will be missing the almighty relationship side of things.


Download the checklist now!