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Revealed: The best options for your custom Facebook page

05 Jul Posted by in Blog, Social Media | 5 comments
Revealed: The best options for your custom Facebook page

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on the importance of a custom Facebook page for your business. After this post I had quite a number of different readers on Live Chat asking about how they can make one and which of the different customisation services I can recommend.

At first I was providing each person customised support and researching for them depending on their needs, then it dawned upon me.. We need a comparison table in our next post! So what I have done for you this week is researched some of the most popular custom page creation tools and have built a comparison chart on some of the most important questions: Ease of use, Functionality, Pricing and Limitations.

Below the table you will find who we have voted as the winners of:

  • Best FREE option for single-page single-function customisation
  • Best FREE option for single-page multi-function customisation
  • Best option for a custom design
  • Best option for multiple pages

So here is our Custom Facebook Page comparison chart to help you create a Facebook Page:

(click the chart to see a larger version)

Now for the winners….

Best FREE option for single-page single-function customisation

Pagemondo allows you to collect your images and content and place them within one of the pre-designed layout options for one tab on one page for free. While the templates can be a little restricting as default, the ability to upload your own background does extend this, and if you choose not to load your own the standard backgrounds are professional and clean.

Pagemondo is fairly simple and easy to use however there are some limitations to positioning due to the truly template basis. You are limited to creating a tab that can only be used for static content on a landing page however if you are looking for further functionality the pro option allows additions like like gate covers, sign up forms and video integration. Compared to some of the other options this is all round much easier and creates some of the best looking free and simple pages.

Best FREE option for single-page multi-function customisation

Short Stack’s free version allows you to use the majority of their fairly extensive app pool including: Links, image galleries, product/ service listings, forms, newsletter sign ups, videos, twitter feeds, Google Maps and more. The free version of Short Stack limits you to having a maximum of 2000 page likers, any more than that and you will have to pay however the range of apps available makes this the best option for anyone with less than 2000. Being an app pool based service the design side of things is a little more difficult than that of Pagemondo however with a little tweaking and dedication this is achievable.

Best option for a custom design

If you are looking for a truly full custom design that can be created by your design team or an external provider and you have the functional abilities to go along with it, the best way to go is either a Static FBML or WordPress powered page. While they do allow genuine custom design they do require some extensive work by your developer and designer so this is not for the feint hearted ‘get a run on the board’ type project (unless you have a great developer or service to do this for you).

Over at Social Media Star we create custom pages for business who don’t have the capabilities or time to do it themselves. We make the process simple for clients by conducting a 30min phone consultation with them to ensure we fully understand their aims and our designers provide various design options for the client to ensure their needs are met.

Best option for multiple pages

Your best multiple page option is the $30 Short Stack plan. Providing unlimited pages for up to 25,000 fans, it’s sure to have most bases covered. The $30 version also includes contest database access allowing you to run competitions, voting and sweepstakes to maximise your liker numbers and conversion rate (remember that 45% year on year increase that we spoke about a couple weeks ago)

Knowing which solutions offer which products is great information to arm yourself with, however if you are looking for more information or are looking for a custom service to be done for you please contact us. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and will help you make the decisions of what is best for you and your business. For more information on our Facebook services please see our Custom Facebook Page packages.

I am assigning you a little homework this week, if you have used any of the above services please comment below and let us know how you found it. While I have done the best I can to review I would love to hear your stories.

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