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Effective Content Marketing Resources- Sunshine Coast Workshop

Effective Content Marketing Resources- Sunshine Coast Workshop

The evening of Tuesday 8th of November saw Adam Wallace and Mohammed Asaduallah from and present a 2 hour workshop on Effective Content Marketing resources for tourism businesses in the Sunshine Coast.

During the workshop Adam and Moe (Mohammed) covered the essentials of content marketing including the main workshop topics of:

  1. What is content marketing
  2. How does content marketing impact my business
  3. What is a content marketing strategy
  4. How to create a content marketing strategy for my business
  5. What is successful content
  6. How to create successful content

As part of our commitment to workshop attendees the presentation was formatted to answer a number of questions that workshop attendees submitted to us prior to the event. These questions, along with a variety of on the spot questions were answered and explained to ensure attendees walked away with a solid understanding of content marketing and a framework that they can use to implement one in their own business.
Discussions with attendees of the workshop highlighted the main takeout points of the workshop to be:

  • content marketing is beneficial for your business in more ways than one, done correctly content marketing can reduce other marketing costs
  • content marketing doesn’t have to be a complex process, simple planning and a well structured content marketing strategy can make it a simple task
  • content shouldn’t be written once and ‘thrown away’, it should be re-used, submitted to a variety of sites and shared for maximum exposure
  • content marketing should have an aim and clearly defined desired outcomes
  • content marketing is a great way to boost your website’s SEO. It is a great way to rank for new and extended keywords and rank better for existing keywords
  • a good website with an easy to use CMS will help make writing content easier
  • there are great tools available for people who want to optimise their content themselves
  • people who don’t have the time or resources to write content can use copywriting services from a professional
  • using a guest writer is a great way to source content from other experts in the field
  • you can use creative commons images to support your content as long as it allows and you attribute the image to the owner
  • measuring the success and impacts of your content is just as important as creating it
  • you need to write content for different stages of the purchasing process
During the workshop Adam and Moe discussed a number of topics that attendees could get more information on, we have packaged together a bundle that workshop attendees (and anyone else who is interested) can download.
The content marketing bundle includes:
  • Effective Content Marketing – Workshop Presentation
  • Contact details for Article Writers Australia (great Australian based copywriters)
  • Outsourcing content frameworks
  • Web Copy that sells Mindmap
  • Copywriting for the web E-guide
  • Conversation Calendar Template (scheduling your content)
  • Successful blogging checklist
  • Content Marketing Strategy Framework
To download your own copy of our Content Marketing Bundle simply submit your name and email address below and we will send it out to you.

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