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Facebook SEO Checklist – Get found fast!

14 Sep Posted by in Blog, SEO, Social Media | 2 comments
Facebook SEO Checklist – Get found fast!

Why do I need to optimise my Facebook page for Google?

Facebook has a great impact on Google search results and Facebook pages are often ranked highly in the top 10 which is a great chance for your business to gain additional visibility and traffic. It’s a strange thought isn’t it, SEO optimising your Social Media accounts so they show up in Google… strange but, as traffic and membership numbers grow, vital!

When it comes to optimising your Facebook page there are a number of factors that you need to consider; what do you want to appear for, what are the aims for your Facebook page and which of your products and services your page encourage viewers to purchase. If you are encouraging traffic to go to your page you need to make sure that traffic is being told the next step that they need to take (a custom Facebook page is great for this as it shows them what you have available).

Ok, now for the top 6 actions you need to take to SEO optimise your Facebook page:


 Apply sub-categories to your place page

If you have set up your Facebook page to also be a places page (so people can ‘check in’) you will also have the ability to add Sub-Categories to your page. To add sub-categories go to the edit section of your page and head over to the Basic Information tab. The 3rd field down will allow you to write your keywords and select sub categories. Please note that you do have to use options from the drop downs. Tag your page with up to 3 different sub-categories.


 Add your website URL and your most important keyword in the About section

By adding the URL of your website to the about section you are creating another inbound link for your website and another very quick link that your visitors can use to find your website. This is great for Facebook and Google searches.


 Optimise your Description content

optimising your description for Facebook SEO

Write as much content as you can bring yourself to write in this section. This should be heavily keyword optimised but written in a conversational tone and human friendly manner so if any of your visitors do actually view the page it still makes sense to them. Essentially what you are writing on this page is created for Google and search engines with a friendly angle for humans.


  Include links to your website and products throughout your biography/ description

Once you have written your extensive and keyword rich description work your way back through and add links to applicable parts of your website or blog. Links to product specific pages (rooms details), facilities, what’s on in the region and other aspects of your site will all help your optimisation (and give your visitors a healthy point in the right direction to buy your products).


 Include keywords in your products/ interests sections

Create keyword rich Products and interests for Facebook Optimisation

In your products or interests sections add a list of what you have on offer and ensure that your items include keywords not just the name your business has given them i.e. Rather than ‘Sea side deluxe room’ write 4 star family units in Byron Bay or 3 bedroom Holiday Apartments with Sea Views.


 Use the Notes functionality

Utilise notes to maximise Facebook SEO

The notes functionality that comes standard with Facebook provides businesses a great resource for optimising their page and getting their content found online. Notes rank highly in Google and creating a note that includes a link back to your website has great potential to drive traffic to your site.

Businesses can utilise the notes feature by writing updates on what is on, product launches, testimonials, regional history, stories and further in-depth details about the business.

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