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What the Tweet is Twitter?

08 Nov Posted by in Blog, Social Media | Comments
What the Tweet is Twitter?

Twitter is a wonderful new source of Google Food. This is because Twitter updates are based in REAL TIME, it is happening now! Google loves fresh content, no matter how large or small, so Tweets are the perfect snack for Google Bots. Learn how to leverage this valuable source and find out what others are saying about you and your industry!


What it will cover:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Explaining the Twitter language (what is a tweet, a follow?)
  • How can Twitter help your tourism business?
  • What is real time?
  • Twitter and Google benefits
  • Making the most of your Twitter account
  • 5 steps on How To Use your Twitter Business Account
  • 10 reasons why Twitter is so successful
  • 12 tips for a successful Twitter campaign

If you are serious about your online strategy, Twitter is your next area of conquest. It is the little birdie who told.

Twitter is also referred to as a Microblog

Keep your finger on the pulse by following respected leaders in your industry, know what your competitors are up to and who is talking about them and you!

What’s next?

We are currently building out the MyWebSchool library. Very soon we will have shelves of E-Books for you to peruse and a supporting video library. Keep your eyes peeled for the MWS Newsletter subscription, keep your finger on the pulse of what is coming, what has been added to the knowledge base, where we are training next and updates on the wide world of Tourism Online (did you know Trip Advisor is being sued by large companies for negative reviews?)

A Tweet is a message that cannot exceed 140 characters in length

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Adam is a director of UntangleMyWeb. He has 13 years experience in web technology and business transformation at a senior level in the energy and information industry. His key strengths lie in online marketing, project management, strategic planning, technology utilisation, software development and people management.

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